With financial capacity as well as investment conditions, Cuong Thuan IDICO Company is continuing to try in tourism and entertainment. With that orientation in the past years, the company is developing strategies to invest in this field. The first potential project is the tourism development project on Dong Truong Island and O Island in Tri An Lake combined with forest ecotourism and resort. These are two potential projects to revive tourism, especially eco-tourism and spirituality. With the area and available terrain of the two islands (which are being exploited by other units but ineffective), the company will invest in high-level entertainment areas to attract tourists and create more jobs for local people

Some point of situation: Dong Truong Island and O Island are islands located in the heart of Tri An lake (Vinh Cuu district, Dong Nai province). Although the two islands are located close together, O Island  is newly invested more in tourism and Dong Truong Island is focused on developing fruit trees. However, these two islands have not yet fully exploited the potential, attracted tourists and not too much people know about it.



Cuong Thuan IDICO established a company named "Cuong Thuan CTI Tourism Joint Stock Company", raise the total number of Subsidiaries Company, Affiliates Company and Branches to 08 companies.

On May 09, 2017, the Department of Planning and Investment of Dong Nai province has issued Certificate of Joint stock business registration to Cuong Thuan CTI Tourism Joint Stock Company

Cuong Thuan CTI Tourism Joint Stock Company was established with the aim of developing the tourist area at O Island - Dong Truong Island. It is considered as a highlight of Cuong Thuan IDICO when expanding business services Tourism - Restaurants - Hotel.

After receiving from Dong Nai Tourism Joint Stock Company, Cuong Thuan is gradually building according to the scale and design. It is an ideal destination for tourists.