1. Resettlement projects belongs to National Highway 1A- Bypass of Bien Hoa city:

These are the projects to support clearance work for the construction of National Highway 1A - the bypass of Bien Hoa city; including Binh Minh and Phuoc Tan resettlement area. The purpose that Cuong Thuan IDICO concentrates all resources to implement these projects in addition to the task assigned by the government is settle for people on the national highway 1A, an important objective that the company towards is to make a great contribution to the overall development of infrastructure and people and help the province’s economy is developed. These projects are indirectly managed by Cuong Thuan through Dong Thuan Investment Joint Stock Company. Specifically as follows: 

Binh Minh resettlement area:

Until now, the project has basically completed the construction of technical infrastructure on the area has been cleared. The current volume up to now is 87% of the total volume of the whole project reached 144.43 billion VND / 166.5 billion VND. It is expected to hand over the first phase of resettlement project Binh Minh commune in the second quarter of 2015.

Technical infrastructure completes of  Binh Minh resettlement area

- Phuoc Tan resettlement area:

The project has cleared the ground and finished construction of 18.2 ha and it is expected to complete of ground clearance in 2015. The project completed basically  the construction of technical infrastructure on the area to be cleared. (18.2 ha / 27.2 ha). Up to now, the value is 60 billion VND.

Technical infrastructure completes of  Phuoc Tan resettlement area 

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