Specialized road used for transportation of construction materials: This is a road with BOT investment capital implemented by the company with a total capital of nearly 200 billion VND, which aims to traffic orientation for shipping stone material from the mines at Tan Cang area and the surrounding areas. With the volume of transportation is large and ever increasing, which shows that this is effective investment project. Currently, it has basically completed the procedures and investment license for construction. With the urgent progress of project, the Company has carried out the construction works on the sites area (about 1.5 km) and it is expected that to be completed in 2016. If project is completed, the efficient investment of the company will certainly take firmly one more step with investment and development strategy  in the field of investment in BOT projects.


On the morning of March 10, 2016, Cuong Thuan IDICO Investment Development Corporation held a groundbreaking ceremony with specialized road project for transportation of  materials in Phuoc Tan and Tam Phuoc communes, Bien Hoa city according to the form of BOT contract.

Attending the groudbreaking ceremony were Major General Vu Do Anh Dung - Deputy General Director of Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, Mr. Tran Van Vinh - Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee of Dong Nai and leaders of departments in the province.

Mr. Tran Van Vinh: Commissioner under Provincial Party Committee - Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Dong Nai  province is speaking at the ceremony

Specialized route is 9.5m wide, 7.5km long. The first point of the route intersects National Highway 51, the last point of the stone quarry of Dong Nai Construction and Material Joint Stock Company. The route passes through Phuoc Tan and Tam Phuoc communes and passes through 12 quarries currently under exploitation. The surface road is constructed of reinforced concrete with vertical drainage system, design speed of 60km.

Mr. Tran Nhu Hoang - Chairman of the Board of Cuong Thuan IDICO Investment Development Corporation on behalf of investors to give a summary of the project.

This route was built according to the specialized road standards. The main road surface is 7.5m wide, which was built by reinforced concrete to ensure the vehicle with loading capacity of 12 tons. The side road surface is 6m wide, the roadside is covered with soil foundation and each side is 1m wide. This route has a bridge constructed of reinforced concrete with a length of 33m across the Buong river. The total investment of both phase is estimated at over 250 billion VND. Particularly, the first phase has the capital of more than 130 billion. It is estimated that construction time is 12 months. Tan Cang quarry is one of “the hot places” causing people felt annoy, because the ice truck damaged the road and caused environmental pollution. Construction of this route will solve  above problem.

Some photos at the ceremony

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