On 03/03/2014 The Ministry of Transport has issued Decision No. 579 / QD-BGTVT approved the result of of designating the investor to implement the investment and construction project of renovating and upgrading National highway  91, segment Km 14 +000 - Km 05 + 889 in the form of BOT.  Joint venture between SONADEZI - CUONG THUAN IDICO is an investor implementing the project of renovating and upgrading Highway 91 in the form of BOT with the total investment of 1,588,631 million dong(one thousand five hundred eighty eight billion, six hundred thirty one million dong). The reimbursement period is expected to be 16 years and 6 months, counting from the starting day of the reimbursement for the project.

Renovation project of National Highway 91 is an important transportation project within Mekong Delta infrastructure development, connecting Can Tho city with Kien Giang province, An Giang province and Cambodia. At present,1 National Highway 91 Km14 + 000 - Km50 + 889 has narrow pavement width of only 5-6m, including 2 lanes which cannot meet the increasing demand for transportation, affecting economic development. - the social of the regions in the region. Faced to this demand, the upgrading and expansion of National Highway 91 is very necessary and urgent

The Association of Industrial Parks Development Corporation (Sonadezi) and Cuong Thuan IDICO Investment Development Corporation are approved by the Ministry of Transport as the investors to implement the investment projects of renovating and upgrading of National highway No. 91, Km14 + 000 - Km50 + 889 in the form of BOT contract with the total investment of 1,588,631 billion VND. After upgrading and expanding, the road consists of 2 lanes for motor vehicle, the width of the road surface is 11m, the total length of the road is about 28 km. It is expected that the project will be completed in 2015.

The project has been implemented to improve the capacity of transport, meet the increasing demand for transportation, contribute to the improvement of the transport infrastructure system in the region; Minimize congestion on key routes connecting Can Tho and An Giang; reduce transportation costs; Contribute positively to poverty reduction and socio-economic development,  Facilitate interconnection between regions in the area,  reduce the rate of accidents and ensure security and defense ; in concordance with traffic development planning and orientation.

Association of Sonadezi- Cuong Thuan IDICO, Sonadezi Corporation contributed 40%, Cuong Thuan Idico contributed 60%. The return project is to build a toll station at Km14 + 770 National highway 91 to collect fees; scale of BOT, the operator complies with the standards TCSC 01: 2008 / VRA. The charging period is expected from January 1, 2016 and the payback period is about 16 years and 6 months

According to leaders of the Association of Industrial Zones Development Corporation (Sonadezi) and Cuong Thuan IDICO Development Investment Corporation: "is an investor of investment and construction project for revovating and upgrading of National highway 91 Km14 + 000 - Km50 + 889, an important project, which contributing to creating new motivation for socio-economic development of Can Tho, An Giang as well as the South-eastern region.  SONADEZI –Cuong Thuan IDICO will strive to implement the project on schedule and regulations on construction investment, quality assurance and safety. By this, it affirms the capacity of Sonadezi Corporation, Cuong Thuan Idico Company as well as the success of the Association of Sonadezi - Cuong Thuan IDICO, especially in the current difficult conditions.

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