Sharing with Traffic Newspaper, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Airlines Corporation Vietnam (ACV) Lai Xuan Thanh said that the units are making maximum efforts to ensure the starting of Long Thanh International Airport by the end of 2020.


Perspective of Long Thanh International airport Project

The world's leading become winning bidder
ACV has just announced it’s bid-winning consultancy for Feasibility Study (FS) of Long Thanh International Airport Project (CHK). Could you reveal this consultance?
Since November 2017, ACV has urgently implemented international bidding procedures for selection of FS consultancy contractor phase 1 of the project. After 6 months, we have chosen the consultant winning bidder who are joint venture Japan - France - Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as JFV contractor). At the same time, ACV also completed procedures of direct contracting, the designation contractor of the "Bong Sen" architectural project (Heerinafter Architects & Planners Co., Ltd - South Korea) as a special subcontractor for the design of the premises passenger terminal in the consultancy package to set up the FS of phase 1 after the terminal architecture option was selected by Ministry of Transport in March 2018.
The JFV joint venture consists of well-known leading companies in design and consultancy in the field of CHK with many years of experience in implementing CHK projects, large important passenger terminal of the world with high quality.

According to the plan which submitted to the Ministry of Transport, ACV implemented the FS from June 2018 to June 1919. Evaluate FS from June 2019 to October 2019. Submitted to the National Assembly in October 2019 for approval. The Prime Minister approved the project in December 2019. It is expected that in June 2020, the project will be started and completed and put into operation in 2025.
In particular, Japan Airport Consultants (JAC) is Japan's leading and unique consultant and has participated in major projects in Japan and in the world such as Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, South Korea, Panama ... In Vietnam, this is also the design consultant and supervision of two international passenger terminal projects in Tan Son Nhat and Noi Bai. JAC is the main consultant in the planning of Long Thanh international airport as well as the pre-feasibility study of the project "Long Thanh International airport Construction".

ADP is also a "respectable" name of the French ADP Group with many years of experience and reputation in the design field of CHK, passenger terminal in the world with high quality standard, effective in exploitation. The company has implemented a master plan for CHK Paris Charle de Gaulle. The company also participates in major projects in: Ethiopia, Bahrain, South Korea, Philippines, Myanmar, Dubai ... In particular, ADP has participated in the master planning of Long Thanh International airport together with its leading joint venture consultant JAC.
Nippon Koei consultant in this joint venture is also well known for it’s experience in implementing major projects in the world. Another name also comes from Japan, Oriental Consultants Global. It is well-known as a consulting firm for master planning, basic design, detailed design development of new international airport Mandalay (Myanmar).
Other two members in the joint venture are Aviation Engineering and Design Company (ADCC)  and Transportation Consultant Design Corporation (TEDI) from Vietnam are also the leading names in the field of consultancy and construction transportation works.
Special subcontractors set up the passenger terminal design in the package of consultancy for the preparation of the first phase feasibility study report, Heerim Architects & Planners. It is the leading Korean architectural industry company with annual turnover of about USD 131 million with extensive experience in around 150 projects worldwide.
Currently, ACV is actively working with contractors to finalize contracts so that they can be signed in early June, ensuring timely progress.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Airlines Airport Lai Xuan Thanh

How long will it take to complete the FS? when Long Thanh international airport can kick off?
By completing the selection of FS consultancy contractors on time, we plan the details of the project progress and report to the Ministry of Transport. Each item is planned specifically for start and finish times, ensuring that the project can be started by the end of 2020 and put into operation by 2025 at the latest.
In particular, the FS will be made in one year, from June 2018 to June 2019. After that, the FS evaluation will be positively implemented to be completed and submitted to the National Assembly for approval in October 2019, starting the project in June 2020.
The construction progress of Long Thanh International Airport is based on the reference from progress of construction of some similar sized projects in the regions such as Kuala Lumpur Airport (from 1993 to 1998), Suvarnabhumi Airport (from 2002 to 2006) Changi Station (from 2004 to 2008), Beijing New International Airport (2014 - 2019), from the start of the main items.
Suoi Trau commune (Long Thanh district) in the key area of ​​the airport which will be completely cleared. Photo: Vinh Phu
The State appraisal councils give their opinions since making FS
What special mechanisms do the project need to ensure the progress and implementation on fixed routing, sir?
In order to ensure the start of construction in June 2020 and to complete the operation of Long Thanh International Airport in 2025 as proposed, we have requested the Ministry of Transport to submit to the Government who will assign main items of the Long Thanh International Airport (FCO, Passenger Terminal, Cargo Terminal, FHS, Garage ...) to ACV so that we can sooner deploy capital arrangement, preparation of investment.
In order to shorten time of project evaluation, the Ministry of Transport shall propose the Prime Minister to set up a State Appraisal Council to participate in, and give appraisal opinions at the time of FS implementation, starting since Progress Report of making the 1st FS (30/8/2018).
We also recommend to set up and implement the Explosive Detections items with ACV's funding right after the ground clearance for phase 1 as well as the selection of contractors for technical design and consultancy and set up total cost estimate, implement technical design and cost estimation of the ground leveling package together with the process for submission to the National Assembly and the Prime Minister for approval of FS. The work of verifying, evaluating and approving the technical design and cost estimation of the ground leveling package will be done after the FS’s approval.
In addition, in the pre-feasibility report, some construction items are expected to use ODA (airfield). However, procedures to attract ODA funds will be prolonged, not ensuring the progress, increase investment costs, increase public debt. Therefore, the ACV recommends that the Ministry of Transport authorize ACV to use it’s own capital and other deposits to implement the important items, including those that are expected to use ODA source (about USD 1.263 billion)
It is expected that the FS consultancy will report research results about the accessible transportation system (excluding 5,000 hecta of ​​Long Thanh International Airport) in the third quarter of 2018. From that base, the Ministry of Transportation and Dong Nai People's Committee is requested to consider updating the regional traffic planning and directing the concerned agencies to carry out investment procedures for transport systems together with the process of construction investment of Long Thanh International airport.
Implementing capital of the project is one of the issues that many people are interested in. How do ACV handle this huge fund?
 Apart from state budget funds, capital from the flight management company (for the part of flight management); ACV will use its own funds and other’s deposit for ACV’s projects such as passenger terminal, cargo terminal, VIP guest house, intra-port road, parking lot, garage, airport office area …
The infrastructure facilities of the airfield, landing and taking off road, roller coaster, aircraft parking area, technical systems of fight area, underground fuel tank system, waste water treatment center, emergency fire station ... the capital from ACV's business profit and depreciation expense until 2025. The remaining capital from loans, share dividends and share issuance.
Thank you, sir!
There is about 30 months to complete the recovery about 5,400 hecta of land
Sharing with Traffic Newspaper, Vice Chairman of Dong Nai People's Committee Tran Van Vinh said that from early 2018, Dong Nai urgently complete the feasibility study (FS) project of land recovery, compensation, resettlement assistance for Long Thanh International airport. In early February, the province has submitted FS to the State Appraisal Council for appraisal and submission to the Prime Minister for approval FS according to regulations. The report of assessment of environmental impact of the project was also submitted to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in early April.
According to Mr Vinh, in early May 2018, the the State Appraisal Council said that the FS report still has shortcomings, not eligible to submit to the Prime Minister. After that, the province has thoroughly reviewed and requested the concerned units to continue to complete the FS report to ensure progress and quality.
Regarding the Project of creating jobs for people in the project area, provincial leaders also requested the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs to finalize and review carefully before submitting project to the provincial People's Committee for consideration and early submission to the Evaluation Council.

"According to Resolution No. 53/2017 / QH14, site clearance must be completed before 2021. Therefore, we have only about 30 months to complete the land recovery once for all about 5,400ha, resettlement and job creation, life stabilization for 4,864 households with 15,557 people, "Vinh said.

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